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Articles pertaining to Legal Writing and Analysis compiled by Suffolk University Law School’s nationally ranked Legal Writing program.

Legal Writing Matters: 4 Tips for Encouraging Creativity in Law Students

By Samantha A. Moppett An IBM poll of more than 1,500 CEOs revealed that creativity—not intelligence—was the most crucial factor for future success. This shift from intelligence to creativity as the most valuable trait has been attributed to the unprecedented challenges and frantic pace of change today. This is especially true for lawyers and law [...]

September 23rd, 2015|Legal Writing Matters|

Legal Writing Matters: Encouraging Law Students to Use Mindfulness Techniques

Legal Writing Professor Shailini George By Shailini J. George A study published in the journal Science found that a majority of participants would prefer to give themselves mild electrical shocks rather than be alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes. Last summer, a tourist in Melbourne, Australia, was so engrossed in reading Facebook [...]

September 8th, 2015|Legal Writing Matters|

Legal Writing Matters: Concerns of Incoming First-Year Law Students

By Kathleen Elliott Vinson Excitement mixed with a little panic. These are typical feelings of an incoming 1L at law schools across the country in September. As students start their first year of law school, I am often asked for tips, especially when it comes to writing. “I am not good at writing.” “I don’t like [...]

August 31st, 2015|Legal Writing Matters|

Legal Writing Matters: Preparing Students for the Bar Exam

By Sabrina DeFabritiis and Kathleen Elliott Vinson While July means fireworks, barbecues, and beaches for some, for recent law school graduates practice readiness and bar passage are the focus this time of year. At the end of July looms the biggest hurdle for these graduates – the bar exam. While their stress level is understandably [...]

July 29th, 2015|faculty voices, Legal Writing Matters|

Legal Writing Matters: Using a Writing Lockdown to Help Law Students Avoid Procrastination

By Kathleen Elliott Vinson Professor of  Legal Writing and Director of Legal Writing, Research, and Written Advocacy Staring at a blank screen, cursor blinking, you wait for the words to pour out from your fingers. Looking at your calendar you notice a writing deadline looming. Whether it is writing a paper, reading a recent case, [...]

July 7th, 2015|Legal Writing Matters|

Student Voices: Learning to Write Like a Lawyer

By Merry Sheehan During the first year of law school, every student is required to take legal writing. For most first-year law students, legal writing is completely new and very challenging. For me, learning how to write like a lawyer has been one of my biggest challenges in law school thus far. At the beginning [...]

March 18th, 2015|General, Legal Writing Matters, Student Voices|